Yeast autolysate

Yeast autolysate is the process when a yeast cell is destroyed by fermentation of brewer’s or cultural baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae).

The cell content splits into nucleic acid (nucleotides), amines, and polysaccharides into monosaccharides. Proteases, the products of protein splitting into peptides, as well as amino acids are important enzymes. That are described by high digestibility and immunity modulating properties, promote intestinal microflora normalization. The product is rich in essential aminoacids, contains peptides and B group vitamins. Contains beta glucan (1.3 / 1.6 ), MOS and has high energy and protein value, contains vitamins and minerals in easily digestible formulation.  Autolysis releases the yeast cytoplasm, and intra-cellular biologically active substances become fully available.

Main properties and advantages:

  • normalize metabolism
  • contains beta-1.3 / 1.6 – glucan and magnesium organic substances,
  • activation and support of the immune system
  • promote productivity in animals

Formulation: powder.

100% pure Do not contain GMO

Specification dry brewing inactivated yeast autolyzate

Moisture maximum % 4,0 Strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Vitamin В1 minimum mg/kg 17,5 Production method: spray drying
Crude protein minimum % Min.40 Condition: consistent fine powder
Fat % 2,15 Colour: from light-beige to light-brown with greyish tint
Nitrogen g/kg 26 Packing: Bags / 25kg
Ash dry maximum % 4,5 Big bags / 1000kg
Lead mg/kg <0,1
Arsenic mg/kg <0,1 AMINO ACIDS
Cadmium mg/kg 0,02
Mercuric mg/kg <0,01 Name UM Result
QMA&OAMO, CFU/g max 1×104 less 1,5×102 Lysine % 3,47
CGB in 0,1g not found Methionine % 0,93
Yeast cfu/g not found Threonine % 2,36
Mold cfu/g <10 Valine % 7,18
Pathogenic, incl. salmonella in 25g not found Isoleucine % 2,38
E.coli in 1,0g not found Leucine % 3,7
Ca g/kg 3,2 Phenylalanine % 2,43
Na mg/kg 232 Histidine % 1,01
P g/kg 11,50 Arginine % 2,57
K g/kg 17,00 Tyrosine % 1,93
Fe mg/kg 69,70 Serine % 1,78
Cu mg/kg 1,48 Alanine % 2,31
Mg mg/kg 1,94 Glycine % 1,66
Mn mg/kg 4,68 Aspartic % 3,29
Zn mg/kg 64,00 Proline % 2,53
Se mg/kg 0,15
F mg/kg 10,90
pH of 10% aqueous caustic pH unit 5,90
Shelf life:  24 months from the date of production

The presence of urea is prohibited (not allowed).

GMO- Free