Metabolism occurs in the body regularly – with the consumption of food, we launch processes for processing food into useful digestible and non-digestible enzymes, meanwhile, cell division and growth occur, simple substances are converted into energy. Metabolism needs micronutrients and vitamins.
We found a unique balanced source for the normalization and stability of metabolic processes – brewer’s yeast. They include the necessary amino acids, minerals, peptides, vitamins of groups B and D. Such products are in great demand in the food industry and in the manufacture of dietary supplements. Beer grains are a natural component that is easily absorbed in the body, saturates with carbohydrates and fats, has a beneficial effect on tissue regeneration and normalization of metabolic processes.

Our research team is constantly expanding the range, bringing with the help of biotechnology new product lines with unique properties, effective natural ingredients and minerals in the composition. All our products do not contain GMOs, are of plant origin and have quality certificates.