Cellular walls of the yeast

Cellular walls of the yeast

Cellular walls of the yeast

(МОS) Mannaolygosaccharides are natural components making part of the cellular walls of the yeast.

Cellular walls of the yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) are intended for binding and deactivation of mycotoxins and to minimize the mycotoxin impact on animals, by protecting their internal organs and the immune system stimulation.

Cellular walls of the yeast autolysis biomass and DNA are separated in the centrifugal field.  The obtained sediment contains mannaolygosaccharides (MOS), cellular walls and DNA. Then DNA is separated from MOS by filtering and dried to make a powder in the spray dryer.

Main properties and advantages:

– the product is rich in beta glucan and mannan olygosaccarides as well as nucleic acid and purin;

– ensure high absorption rate;

– prevent pathogenic microflora from attaching to the intestinal epithelium, lock bacteria growth and multiplication;

– prebiotic activity (alternative to antibiotics)

immune stimulating action, appetite improvement

Formulation: powder.

100% pure Do not contain GMO

Specification feed grade yeast cell wall with mos

Moisture maximum % 3-6 Strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Crude protein minimum % 17-25 Production method: spray drying
Total carbohydrate content % 55-60 Condition: consistent fine powder
Crude fiber % < 1 Colour: from light-beige to light-brown with greyish tint
Crude fat % 10-14 Packing: Bags / 25kg
Ash dry maximum % 2-6 Big bags / 1000kg
Functional characteristic
ß-glucans % 20-33 Recommended dosage (kg per ton of feed)
ß-1.3-1.6-glucans % 19-25
Mannan % 22-30 Name UM Result
Mercuric mg/kg <0,01 Bird Kg. 0,5-1
QMA&OAMO, CFU/g max 1×104 less 1,5×102 Pigs and sows for fattening Kg. 0,5-1
CGB in 0,1g not found Rabbits Kg. 1-2
Yeast cfu/g not found Horses Kg. 1-2
Mold cfu/g <10,0 Lambs Kg. 1-2
Pathogenic, incl. salmonella in 25g not found Fish Kg. 0,5-1
E.coli in 1,0g not found Pet Kg. 1-2
Shelf life:    24 months from the date of production