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The company “KORMAPROM” LLC headquartered in Moscow, Russia is specialized in selection and recycling (production, manufacturing) of inactive dried brewer’s yeast (spray dried inactive brewers’ yeast powder) and dried brewer’s spent grain (brewer’s grain pellets).

Carslberg’s Brewing company “Baltica” LLC us our company’s core partner and the main supplier of the dry brewer’s yeast and granulated brewer’s spent grain in Russia.

Our main advantage is having many warehouses and breweries in the different regions of Russia, which enables us to provide the delivery of the goods on time and cut the transportation costs.

(Working with a wide range of breweries in Russia enables us to produce large volumes of goods and make the delivery right on time.)

The company “KORMAPROM” has recently completed the project on drying brewer’s yeast in Russia, with a total turnover of 5000 tonnes per year.

Our company’s dry brewer’s yeast is used to produce an animal feed and fodder for farm animals and pets. Moreover, our dried brewer’s yeast powder is used in food production as well, for example, to produce yeast-based dietary supplements.

“KORMAPROM” LLC has acquired all the necessary certification for the yeast-based dietary supplements and food production. Using modern technological equipment enables us to provide our clients with goods of a very high quality. High-quality management system is implemented on every stage of the production.

“KORMAPROM” LLC offers a high level of service, providing the laboratory examination, delivery of the goods and customs clearance in Russian Federation

Huge experience in the field of brewer’s yeast and collaboration with many Russian and foreign companies represents our company as the honest and loyal partner.

We are looking for a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

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